Tires and Sparks

Aug 21, 2011 update on CameronMac's 1998 Subaru Impreza Brighton Edition

Well the check engine light came back. Haven’t plugged it in to see what the issue was but I’m assuming it’s the misfire reported earlier. Replaced the spark plugs only to find that cylinder 4 had some blow-by on the plug! Embarrassing, I know since I was the one who changed them last. Tightened it down to spec this time and hey presto, no more check engine light.

Found a nice score in the local classifieds 4, 2002 WRX 16” rims wrapped in Goodyear assurance rubber. Looks good and feels good to! Alignment was also done. Needs rear Camber bolt kit to finish the alignment.

Front Camber L-.42 R-.39 Rear Camber L- 3.09 R- -4.09


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