Steering debacle

Jun 25, 2011 update on P71's 1986 Porsche 944

So the story is I bought this Dino wheel at the 2010 PIR Swap Meet thinking it was for the Ferrari. Turns out it was an aftermarket wheel, but for $5 it was cool and vintage. I hung it up in my garage. Fast forward to this year and I find a Dino to 944 adapter on CL for $30, new in the box! So of course I haggle him down to $20 and bring it home.

The issue is the adapter is for the modern Dino/Momo 6-bolt pattern, and my wheel is the old school 7-bolt pattern. So I basically spent an hour disassembling everything to figure it out. What I came up with is I think I’m going to re-drill the adapter with the 7-bolt pattern, so I got some hardware. We’ll see…


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