Timing belt inspection

Mar 17, 2012 update on P71's 1986 Porsche 944

The records with the 944 show that the timing belt was done at 216,7xx miles. The 944 only has 227,4xx on it now, about 11K miles. Except the job was done in 2006. With this being an interference motor, I wanted to double-check. It took a little work to pull the inspection cover, but everything looks like it was just done yesterday! (Likely because the 944 is garaged most of the time). The shop also did all of the rollers and tensioners, the seals, and the balance belts. Yes, a water pump was done at the same time, and it’s even the newer Turbo version. This was a job done right, and it is not due to be done again just yet.


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