Rebuilt Spare Transmission

Mar 17, 2010 update on blaze86vic's 1973 Toyota Celica 1973

So I got a transmission from a 74 Celica GT in the local junk yard. Made me very sad to see it there, with absolutely no rust, perfect frame rails, and only 55,000 original miles on it. But alas I do not have space to rescue damsels in distress. So I took what I could off of it. One of the larger pieces I got from it was the W50 5-speed transmission. It was pretty dirty, and since I had it out anyways I decided to take it apart and replace anything that looked like it might need it, and put it back together. Well the internals were in amazing condition. The syncros looked like they were new, so the 55,000 miles were definitely actual, and even then those were some nice and easy miles. So all new seals, and back together all cleaned up. This is a pretty large collection of pictures, but I figure they might be used as a reference for someone else taking theirs apart.


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