Hand Brake Conversion

May 29, 2010 update on blaze86vic's 1986 Ford Crown Victoria 1986

Well I got around to installing a hand brake for the Vic. Since I did the rear disc conversion, I also used the rear parking brake cables from the 94 Vic that I got the rear disc setup from. Routing the cables was kind of funny, since I was not running them to the front of the car where the parking pedal is. I routed the cables together a little off center, and just in front of the differential. I then made a bracket for the cables to end into, and a balancing 2-1 cable connection. That way both left and right side get the same amount of force when you pull the hand brake. The hand brake it self is from a later 90s Volvo, and I had to break the spot welds to remover it from the car. I also used the cable setup that runs from the hand brake to the rear of the car. I shortened this cable from almost 8 feet to probably about 2 feet. I had to notch a reinforcement inside the car so that the cable would lay flush and strait. I also angle the lever towards the driver seat so that it was more natural to pull. The housing I welded to the floor, and used some extra scrap metal to fill in some extra supports to make it a little more rigid. I also spot welded the hand brake lever, as it was feeling a little too flimsy for heavy drifting use. A center console will be in order soon, but I’m not in a big rush on that, and yes the carpet is going back in, just leaving it off for a few days just in case something comes up and I need to modify anything.

Oh yeah, and the price of the conversion including all cables, the cable clamps, and the hand brake was about $15!!!


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