Rear Discs, Finally

Feb 15, 2010 update on blaze86vic's 1986 Ford Crown Victoria 1986

It’s been a while I know, but I finally got around to doing a rear disc conversion on the Vic. I got the setup from a 94 Vic in the parts yard. I used new police model calipers (metal piston vs phenolic for civi model), new R1 Concepts plated-drilled-slotted rotors for some nice show (I’m fully aware they don’t have any effect on braking performance), and some ATE pads. I hadn’t realized it before hand, but all the parts are made by ATE for Ford, so the whole setup is an ATE setup except the rotors. To hook them up to the existing brake lines, I used new front brake hoses for an 86 Crown Vic, and changed the banjo bolt to a metric one for the calipers. So all I had to do for brake lines, was re-bend the ends of mine to a different location a hook the hoses up. Well, on with the pics.


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