Clutch time, and more

Jul 3, 2012 update on Will's 1994 Ford Thunderbird SC

I broke the clutch recently, and since the friction disc is back ordered, I’m making some minor changes while the car is down. First, I’m replacing the 3.27 gears with the factory-stock 2.73 gears. That should put more load on the blower in first gear, and could paradoxically make the car quicker that way. I might also be able to get through the 1/4 mile in third gear rather than fourth, saving one gear change and a couple tenths. Gas mileage might actually reach 20 mpg, too.

The 4-inch driveshaft is overkill, so I plan to replace it with a 3.5-inch piece. It’ll be lighter and eliminate some of the clearance problems I had with the old one.

And I should really install a wideband O2 setup to get a clearer picture of what’s happening in each bank of cylinders. Might be able to coax some more power out of the tune that way.


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