Kaboom diagnosis

Sep 5, 2009 update on Will's 1994 Ford Thunderbird SC

The engine blew due to oil pump cavitation and oil starvation during autocrossing. Likely as a result of that starvation the oil pump hex drive inside the not-a-distributor was destroyed so the pump ceased working entirely.

A new engine is already under construction. Alterations now include forged internals with a stroker crank for 4.2 liters displacement. The heads are now coated and will mate to Kooks mid-length headers with high flow cats. An aluminum flywheel will cut weight to offset the new custom oil pan and Accusump setup. Replacing the M90 blower with a prototype autorotor twin-screw is now likely as well. Doing so should make for more power on less boost.

While the car was down I also did some minor weight reduction work including the installation of an aluminum radiator. I also have aluminum rear lower control arms with custom delrin bushings awaiting installation.


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