Fitted the new suspension

May 13, 2011 update on grahamb's 1983 Ford Fiesta XR2 Mk1

Fitting the new Kustomengineering suspension at the moment.

Found that the brace on the passenger side was 1cm too short to reach the tie bar bracket. So I had to lengthen the brace by cutting it, inserting some steel tube of the correct diameter, and welding the tubes back together. This could be because my car is shorter on one side to the other, or when Karl put the complex kink in to the brace to clear my Sequential gearbox, it was shorter than he anticipated. Either way, not insurmountable, and its on the car.

The good news is that the suspension clears the gearbox by around 2mm, and I still need to push the engine and box backwards towards the front bulkhead which will give me additional clearance. Its always the same when re-installing an engine, in that it can creep forwards when its first bolted up.

So on to getting the Radiator plumbed in, fuel lines and oil lines attached, engine bay wiring loom re-connected, throttle linkage repaired (the outer slipped at NMH and it created about an inch of free pedal play before the throttle opened), osf hub and axle on. Made a new gearbox steady bar, as the one I made with heims at either end was too harsh. I’ve now adapted a tube so the bar has an insulator on one end, and a heim on the other.

Just the nsf hub and axle to replace, and I need to fit the rest of the zorst. The neutral gear cable needs replacing which I’ll do this afternoon.

Add water, open the garage doors, and she should be good to go


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