It Is Now A "Pord" 924s :-)

Mar 14, 2009 update on dean1484's Porsche 924s

I have been putting together the pieces to install an M62 from a 230 Kompressor. After not finding a way to deal with ignition that I liked (MSD ignition retarder based on boost and what not) I finally decided to just hunker down and do a complete ignition conversion to a Ford EDIS system. I found that the ones in the early Ford Escorts (1993 in my case) were the perfect setup. This combined with a Megajolt MJLJ V4 ignition controller and I now have a completely programmable ignition. The one bit of unusual engineering was that I did not do the normal crank fired set up with a 36-1 wheel. Instead I made it a cam fired ignition. This was accomplished by making up a 72-1-1 trigger wheel. (spur gears work very well for this) I then used a VR sensor from a RX7 eccentric shaft position sensor as it has the ability to read the smaller teeth that I have.

It is the best modification I have made to the car to date. The motor has been transformed! The other benefit is that it opens up the door to go to a complete stand alone for the M62 install. I am thinking Microsquirt.


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It Is Now A "Pord" 924s :-)

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