Sep 7, 2011 update on PocketAce's 2004 Toyota Matrix XRS

Months ago I bought a can of RustOleum Rust Reformer to address some rusty spots in my engine bay. It worked for a bit, but now they’re back. Back in the day I’ve used with complete success a can of Duplicolor rust converter, and that sprayed clear, dried black, and worked as a charm. (I have a padlock sprayed with it. Although it now looks like it is covered with black rust, it has a smooth texture and it stopped rusting completely.)

That rustoleum stuff? Doesn’t work like that. I guess it only stops rust from coming back. It sprays black, dries black, and is very messy.

Thus, I ran to the store, bought some of the duplicolor rust converter, and went to town. A layer of the duplicolor magic spray thingie, a layer of the rustoleum stuff. But then I overdid it a bit: What started as an underhood rust spot fixin’session turned into a (completely unnecessary) full underbody rustproofing afternoon.

I can’t feel my fingers on my left hand from so much spraying. I am pretty sure they will start hurting soon.


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