It's cold outside!

Dec 22, 2011 update on GearBanger's 1906 Eagle asdf

The Charger developed a hard start condition when the weather changed and would stall when in gear.

I added seafoam to the gas and the car would start with fuel added directly in the carb. you could rev it and the moment you put it in gear it dies again.

In the NW is in the rainy and cold season. I made sure the battery was charged up and no luck and now not start at all. Ugh.

The other day I pulled the distributor cap and the contacts and rotor were covered in carbon and moisture. So, I imagine the plug and wires are just as bad, if not worst.

I ordered a tune up package from Rockauto and waiting for some time to slap them in to fire it up.

WIsh me luck for some time and a break in the weather to get this beast up and running!


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