Cleaning and replacing some interior bits...

Nov 8, 2011 update on MiatarPowar's 1994 Mazda Protegé

This car had been driven daily by the previous owner for about two years and 30k miles. He wasn’t much for cleaning, and had some really disgusting habits. When I got the car, it was full of trash, tools, cigarettes, dip cans and bottles full of dip spit. I’m not one for perfectly-detailed daily drivers or anything, but how someone could tolerate such filth is beyond me. The windows were also covered in writing from when he got married months before I purchased the car.

So far, I’ve removed the front seats, most of the trim, glovebox, headliner, center console, a couple of the door panels and the driver’s power seat belt mechanism. Some junkyarding yielded replacements for some broken parts, but the real work lies in the cleaning needed. Hopefully a Shop Vac, an upholstery/carpet cleaner and a ton of time will have this thing back to the land of the living soon. I’m ready to start driving it.


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Cleaning and replacing some interior bits...

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