Working on reupholstering

Oct 21, 2009 update on vweezly's 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit

What it started as….

Took the seat cover off…

Took out all the stitching I needed to to make a pattern making sure that I marked where the stitches were. Then I spread it all out on some spare fabric to see how much yardage I would need. I will be going with the sample I got from the fabric store. I held it up to the car and it was pretty spot on…. maybe a little desaturated, but it will work great. The plan is to make a pattern, sew the new fabric together and then sew it to this one to retain the padding and mounting stuff on the back. I also will be adding a little more back padding. I should have the fabric today and I’ll drop by the textile place on the way home to check out leather remnants. :thumbup:


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