Since we last tuned in to watch our hero...

May 1, 2009 update on Osterkraut's 2002 Subaru WRX

Some things have happened…

The downpipe was heatwrapped and installed. This brought much joy to the land of WRX. Something was still missing, though…

A month went by, and the downpipe was good. Fuel economy was not, however, and there was a peice of the puzzle still left in the box (one of those bland 4 hole ones…booo!). A solution was found! A V.1 Cobb AccessPort, and the StreetTuner software!

It’s amazing how simple the OTC Stage 2 flash was to upload. 10 minutes later, and BAM, one seriously quick car…


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Since we last tuned in to watch our hero...

Well, they're not gold, but they're Rotas!

Downpipe aquired!


New exhaust!

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