Boy, did I screw up..

Mar 19, 2009 update on friedgreencorrado's 1992 Volkswagen Corrado

Okay, I’m going for that FIA GT look. Found some used Keskin KT4s with Suitomos on Stock offset’s about 35, the Keskins are 20 or so (remember FWD cars have positive offsets), so I ordered some H&R spacers and started to mount it all up. It wasn’t until the car was in the air that I discovered I needed tapered lug bolts. Ride the Golf down to NAPA, they had the tapered ones-but not long enough to mount up with the spacers on. Went to a custom wheel shop and bought some really long ones. Long enough to bend the ABS sensor ring when the bolts came out the other side of the hub. And how come nobody ever told me not to use antiseize on chromed lug bolts? I can’t go ten miles without having to jack up the car and re-torque.

I think she’ll sit in the garage until I can get all this straightened out…but I sure like the way they look on the car.


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Better than I expected..

Boy, did I screw up..

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