Overdue update

Feb 1, 2013 update on JohnInKansas's 1972 Volkswagen Beetle

I haven’t updated my garage lately.

Spun a rod bearing in the 1600cc dual port VW engine last August. Root cause: stupidity and a persistent oil leak. Live and learn.

Started pricing replacement parts (“if I’m going to have to do the rods and bearings, I might as well do the cam… and the crank… and the pistons and jugs…”) and decided that not only would it make way more power, but it’d be cheaper to swap in a Subaru EJ22. JThw8 may or may not have prodded me in that direction from the get-go.

EJ22 is currently installed in the car, running and operational. Stage 2 pressure plate, racing clutch. No road test yet, as I’ve been waiting on gauges. Last of the required bits should be here tonight, so I’ll be fitting them and doing some final troubleshooting before road testing it.


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