Apr 18, 2013 update on JohnInKansas's 1972 Volkswagen Beetle

Took the Bugaru to two autocrosses so far this season. Blew off the upper radiator hose at the first, made a big mess. Got that fixed and came back for more the next weekend with new shocks, new steering box and tie rods. No breakage at event two, but LOTS of wheel hop, and not sure how much more abuse the rear tires will take before they start chunking. Dismally slow times (engine swap puts us in XP, so we’ve got no hope of keeping up anyway), but holy cow is it fun to drive. Steers with the throttle very nicely, plenty of torque to get moving at corner exit, and the shocks and new rear sway help reduce the body roll somewhat.

Next step: go low and stiffen the transmission mounts.


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