10vt is at the machine shop

Jan 7, 2013 update on 2K4Kcsq's 1987 Audi 4000CS quattro

I have done alot since I updated on here, I need to start posting stuff here more since the challenge is the biggest motivator for this build. Took the KH block down to the machine shop last week, had no intention of re-working the bottom end till I tore it down on a hunch… pistons 3 & 4 had severe skirt wear and if I hadn’t pulled the crank I dont think the mains would have lasted a few 1/4 mile passes, let alone a drive to gainsville followed by hardcore flogging. I was about to scrap the 10v all together untill some motorgeekers offered some MC pistons for free plus shipping. Decided to finally install my GRM banner in honor of my challenge priced score!


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10vt is at the machine shop

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