Good news!

Mar 11, 2009 update on ditchdigger's 1971 Fiat 850 Berlina

So I did a quick and dirty toe adjustment to eyeball “good enough” specs and leaned out the idle jet a good 20 turns and it runs much, MUCH better. Took it for another shakedown 6 block spin. For a sub 40hp car it seems to get along pretty well. At less than 1400lbs it better.

The Fiat radiator was shot so I ended up modifying a civic radiator to fit. I feel pretty good about that. The combo of a modern aluminum rad with the 2 speed fan setup seems to work well, and 850’s are well known for their marginal cooling systems.

Note to self: when reinstalling tail lights and turn signals that were removed and labeled by a PO, trust the wonderful wiring color codes that FIAT was nice enough to mold into the reflectors, NOT the numbered masking tape scraps that were painstakingly applied incorrectly.

Tomorow I want to reupholster the passenger seat to match the drivers I did last month


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