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Jul 19, 2011 update on ditchdigger's 1971 Fiat 850 Berlina

OK so the new motor went……poorly. The lifter, tons of oil leaks, a second injector, tuning issues and generally running like crap. Then one day it all kind of clicked together. I cleaned the wideband and started to let tunerstudio’s VE Analyze live do some work. Things got amazingly better. Then I made a new spark table and VE table and let autotune work some more magic. And at this point things got crazy. I had my tuning genius friend in the passenger seat with the laptop to make sure that all was going well, AFR’s were safe, timing was not too aggressive.

On a hard 3rd gear pull we hit 235kpa…..almost 20PSI! This thing was pulling like a train! AFR’s were safe but the intake air temps are going crazy. His recommendation turn the boost down a little and get a larger better ventilated intercooler.

We will get it on the dyno soon to see what this thin is laying down. What I know is that it is too much for the 160mm clutch


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