2011 Kit Car & Replica Z-Cars Minibusa

Started on Jan. 2 by Lunatic

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This is a kit I got from England from Z-Cars. I only got what wasn't available in America like the frame, body, and suspension. Everything else I bought or built here my self.
The frame is 4130 designed to be a road race mid engine, rear wheel drive, based on the fiberglass GT Mini Cooper body.
For power I am running a tubro charged Suzuki GSX 1300 Hayabusa. Right now I'm only running 6 lbs of boost, this allows me to run pump gas, dynoed at 250 hp. I'm also using a "Pingle" shifter so no clutch, full throttle shifts at 12,000 rpm with just the push of a button. Wet weight is 1140 lbs, 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds and over 2 "G"s of cornering force. While being designed for the track the car is very docil and street-able. Just stay away from speed bumps.
I love doing track days and have done several at Oregon Raceway Park, (my home track), Portland International, and Thunderhill. This summer I plan to do Sears Point, Luguna Seca, Chuckwalla, and hopefully SIR and The Ridge in WA.

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Jan. 03

bare frame 3

This should have gone at the beginning but I missed it.

Jan. 03

engine specs

Just a word about the engine. It's a 2007 GSX 1300 R Suzuki Hayabusa. Mine has the old 16 bit ECU, if you go this route get one new enough to have the 32 bit ECU. I am using the ...

Jan. 03

Big Bad Boo Boo

I went through a lot of growing pains working out all the bugs. The biggest problem I ran into was oil starvation in the corners from to many Gs drawing the oil out of the sump. I didn't know this ...

Jan. 03

removable body

This shot was taken while on the dyno and shows the full car with the back half of the body off.

Jan. 03

Back end of car

A bigger picture of the back of the car. Notice the whole back half of the body un-latches and one person can easily lift it off for full access.

Jan. 03

rear suspension 1

Not the best picture but the rear suspension is trailing arms, fully adjustable with all rose joints or hiem ends how ever you spell it. same with the front, there is not a single bushing anywhere in the car. Both ...

Jan. 03

front suspension 1

Just a close up of the front suspension

Jan. 03

gas tank and master cylinders

The fuel tank is 5 gallons, which is actually plenty for everything I have done so far. This car gets amazingly good milage. I did a track day at the Meford go cart track this spring. It's a 3/4 mile ...

Jan. 03

Dast 2 Display

I am using the Dash 2 display from Race Technologies. I am also using their data logger which has a G meter and GPS and just plugs into the display. The display shows me RPM with shift lights, speed, gear ...

Jan. 03

steering wheel with shift

I am using a Pingle electric shifter. It works from the two buttons on the steering wheel via an electric solenoid that moves the shift linkage. It has an ignition cut out that shorts out the ignition for 50 mili ...

Jan. 03

radiator and intercooler 2

Shot taken from back showing the two elec fans

Jan. 03

radiator and intercooler 1

This shot shows the aluminum radiator with the aluminum turbo intercooler radiator in front of it. I got the intercooler kit from Frozen Boost. In this shot you can also see the front suspension minus the sway bar which was ...

Jan. 03

bare frame 2

This shot taken from the rear.

Jan. 03

bare frame 1

This shot taken from the front

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Jan 3, 2013 6:09 a.m.
Jan 3, 2013 11:31 a.m.
So much awesome in one place
Jan 4, 2013 6:56 p.m.
Very nice build! Did you build the frame yourself?

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