First time on a race track

May 8, 2009 update on hege's 1981 Volkswagen Transporter

Last weekend was our race taxi’s first visit to a race track. Our nearest track is the infamous Ahvenisto race track where there aren’t any safety zones. A mistake on the track usually means that you end up rubbing the walls. Of course this was the place of choice for our shakedown.

The car worked flawlessly for the first half lap. After that it was all trouble with the engine sputtering at boost and the day ended with the engine starting to make noise. We suspect a connecting rod bearing fault. The car was driven 4-5 times on track and maybe a total of 10 laps. We had few people as passengers and they all were impressed after a ride even when the engine wasn’t working properly. The suspension worked quite well taking into consideration that we didn’t get the stiff enough front springs on time.

The heads of the engine are disassembled and we’ve already been looking at a spare engine. We have a engine ready to be installed, it just needs the wiring harness to be done and it’s ready to go. The only problem is that it is reserved for one of our street cars. One week until next track event for our next try.


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First time on a race track

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