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Apr 6, 2009 update on RossD's 1977 Ford Capri

My dad fab-ed up some seat brackets for me. He’s awesome. Well we still have the driver’s side to do but…the passenger’s is done. I have to plug the holes from the EGR valve and the PCV valve appears to be clogged since the breather looks like a breathing smoke. The gear shifter is fairly loosey goosey too. I contemplated getting an universial 4 speed shifter but it would cost more than a used T-5, so I’ll try to get it on the road with the sloppy shifter. Picked up two sets of 14” mustang rims because the first set didnt have the covers. All 8 rims and 4 better tires (but still weathered and only slightly cracked) cost me $65. Paid $20 for the spare carb. Slowing working on it. Check the picture of the sweet chrome headlight cover!


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