More Road Hugging Weight....

Nov 11, 2013 update on Roland444's 1971 Ford Pinto

…was one of Ford’s more memorable ad slogans from the ‘70’s. In the case of the Pinto, though, it was all too true. During its production span, (‘71-‘80), it unfortunately gained over 800 lbs (!), making the comparably svelte early (small-bumper) models a much better example from which to try to extract performance. I’ve been wanting to get a real number for the curb weight for awhile now. A few weeks ago, before winter set in, I took the PInto down to our local metal recycler and parked it on their scales for an actual weight slip. It came up at 1,920 lbs. with a half tank of gas. While not exactly feathery, it was about what I had expected, with some room for improvement. I’ve already swapped in a smaller battery and the radio, heater, back seat, and spare tire have been deleted - (even hole-sawed the trunk lid!) - so for now this is about as far as I can go by unbolting stuff. I’ll keep chiseling away at it. Now I’ve got a Prodbodies fiberglass hood on the way, plus some other planned mods …I think a street weight near 1800 lbs. with a half tank of gas is possible. We’ll see…


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