Stainless Exhaust Header

Jan 12, 2014 update on Roland444's 1971 Ford Pinto

The fact that the Ford Kent Engine is about as humble as it gets is also what makes it an attractive engine. It’s tough, reliable, and hard to hurt. On one hand, its currently used in generators, floor cleaning machines, irrigation pumps, etc. On the other, since it’s introduction, there’s been this amazing motorsports legacy, with the engine serving as the basis for conversions like the Lotus Twin Cam, Cosworth BDA and FVA. In pushrod form, it’s still used, of course, for Formula Ford, vintage racers of all sorts, etc. Relentless development over the years in the UK has seen displacements now over 2 liters and 180+ horsepower levels. Not bad for an iron lump that started off in 1959 with 997 cc and 39 hp !

Hopefully this stainless header from UK specialist 105 Speed will help nudge things a bit away from the humble side of the “performance envelope.” This design represents the latest UK thinking in exhaust gas flow for the Kent motor, and is termed a “Mass-style” header. As you can see, it’s quite a departure from the usual 4-into-1 or 4-into-2-into-1 header. Checked out a lot of choices before I settled on this. There were cheaper options - and I found that virtually no one in the US is currently even offering a new Crossflow header. Internet feedback, though, for 105 Speed’s products was great, and what finally swung it for me was dealing with 105 Speed’s owner, Neil McCarty. He was patient and gracious, a real gentleman to deal with. The end result? Well, this photo taken at Jimmy Da K’s shop last night speaks for itself. Quality & finish are impeccable. It’s almost too pretty & swoopy to put in the engine bay, but…it should look amazing once the installation is complete. I’m hoping it will be the perfect complement to the bike carbs, with further tuning potential available down the road…..


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