3 Cylinder Operation Corrected

Apr 2, 2009 update on VWguyBruce's 1986 Volkswagen Jetta GLi

Whilst running the autox the other day the car was only revving to 4000rpm and #4 cylinder wasn’t firing at all. Well, I am happy to say I corrected the problem and the car is running like a champ. It turns out that the guy who was cleaning the intake boot incorrectly installed the screen upside down. As a result the FI plunger was not coming up for hitting the upside down screen and the fuel distributor wasn’t pumping any fuel to #4 and very little to the other cylinders. Screen is now gone for good. So, it turns out I’m a dork and learned a lot about CIS-E in the process.

On the plus side, the compression in #4 was over 170psi and held very well. I’m pleased since the odometer reads over 200k miles. Who knows if it’s the original motor but at least it’s running right now.


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