More suspension stuff

Sep 22, 2009 update on VWguyBruce's 1986 Volkswagen Jetta GLi

Swapped in some 572# springs in the rear the other night. It allowed me to eliminate the big heavy homemade rear bar.

I also got some free 205/55/R14 Hoosier R3S04’s mounted onto some mismatched VW Snowflake wheels that I’ve gotten for free a pair at a time. One of the rear tires has a flat spot and is corded but hey they’re free and it’s the rear. Will reset ride height and make sure front control arms are level as the new wheels/tires are about 3/4” shorter than the 15’s that were on there.

We’re currently debating if we have enough time to get the 2 litre ABA stripped down and into the car. The turbo is also calling me. I hate to show up with such a plain car. I think we’re gonna do it. We’ll see though.


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