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You May Have Built a Model Car Before, but What About a Running Miniature Engine?

Does building a smaller version of something make it easier or harder to build? Whatever the case may be, there's something fascinating about these model engines that actually run.

Your Favorite Engine, Now in Lego Form

Looking for a replica model of your favorite engine? Now you can have one made entirely of Lego.

Can Modern Roller Rockers Help That Old-School Engine?

Will upgrading the roller rockers in a pushrod engine yield more power? We tested that theory to find out.

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Shop Work: 13 Steps To Ensure You Don't Blow up Your Engine During Initial Start-Up

Starting up an engine for the first time can exhilarating, but not if something goes wrong. Here are some steps to make sure it goes right.

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M44 Engine and Trans
2007 Mazda Miata motor 2.0 L 85k miles. Comes with A/C,alternator,radiator (Orlando) - NMNA

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