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Is Avgas a Good Alternative to Ethanol-Free Gas?

Should you put avgas in your car?

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Shop Work: E85 Ethanol Fuel: How to Corn Your Way to More Horsepower

Switching from gasoline to E85 ethanol is technically challenging, right? Especially on a modern car? And it will also melt all of your fuel lines and burn right through the car and down through the earth. Right?

News and Notes: Fuel Tips: What to Feed a Rotary Engine?

Considering how unique the rotary engine is, we reached out to see which fuel is best for getting the most power and longevity out the engine.

Shop Work: Can Retrofitting Newer Injectors Really Provide a Quick, Inexpensive Power Bump?

Looking for an easy, low-buck power gain? Newer fuel injectors may be a quick fix.

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Do you use a fuel additive? (And if so, which one?)
Carbs, Fuel, Subaru, Lights, oh my! (Cleaning out Garage)
Help me improve this fuel system
Let's talk about FUEL! e85, pump gas, race fuel.

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