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Have You Met Our Callaway Turbocharged GTI Project?

We recently learned about a super-rare Callaway turbocharged Volkswagen Golf GTI. We were eager to buy, but one thing stood in our way: it sat 2600 miles away in Montana.

VW GTI: 45 Years of Evolution

Six generations of the Volkswagen Golf GTI exist, and it all started with the unveiling of a little hot hatch at the 1975 Frankfurt International Motor Show.

Your Projects: Using Factory Parts to Build a Plug-and-Play VW Golf SportWagen

User mfennell's Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, like all other MQB-based cars, can be upgraded with factory parts from VW.

Rate It: The Safari-Ready VW Golf Country

Before the Subaru Outback, before the current Safari 911 craze, Volkswagen built the off-road-ready Golf Country.

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Features: Double Take: Volkswagen Motorsport’s Twin-Engined Golf

Back for Another Look: Volkswagen Motorsport’s Twin-Engined Golf

Buyer's Guides: Vintage Views: Volkswagen Golf GTI

At the time, 100 horsepower was plenty for full-on hooning.

Features: Double Trouble: Volkswagen Motorsport's Twin-Engined Golf

31 years on, we revisit our original story on Volkswagen Motorsport's twin-engined Golf.

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