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Word of the Day: Honda City

The original Honda City–built from 1981-’86–was cuter than a button, shared the stage with ska legends Madness, and featured its own dinghy.

Word of the Day: Suzuki Cappuccino

Learn about the Suzuki Cappuccino, the brand’s 1991-’98 alternative to a Honda Beat or Autozam AZ-1.

Word of the Day: Dajiban

Classic Dodge vans road raced in Japan. It’s the American way.

Word of the Day: Daihatsu Copen

Daihatsu sold cars in the U.S. market for about a hot minute–1987 through early 1992–and sadly that was well before releasing the Copen.

Word of the Day: Isuzu Bellett GT-R

Flat-black hood, a pair of side-draft carbs and a twin-cam head atop a 1600cc bottom end. Meet the Isuzu Bellett GT-R.

Word of the Day: Xenon

Back in the day, Xenon offered aero kits that differed from the rest in a big detail: Instead of fiberglass, they were produced in durable polyurethane–kind of like a bendable rubber.

Word of the Day: Kamei

Back in the ’50s, Karl Meier designed a front spoiler for the VW Beetle. It didn’t take off, but his company, Kamei, did.

Word of the Day: Gemballa

Go big or go home. That was Gemballa’s M.O.

Word of the Day: Styling Garage

The name almost sounds Japanese, but it’s German. Styling Garage gave the world the 1000SGS–sedan said to be twice as good as the Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL that it was based upon.

Word of the day: Zender

The Zender master catalog of 1992 was a thing of beauty: 222 pages featuring some of the greatest add-on body styling, from subtle to extreme.

Word of the Day: ASC/McLaren

How to win Radwood: Show up in an ASC/McLaren Capri or Mustang, the realized dream of Ford engineer Peter Muscat.

Word of the Day: Pro Street

So what if we lived under a 55 mph national speed limit, pro street was big in the ’80s–well, at least that’s what the hot rod magazines constantly told us.

Word of the Day: Lightning Rods

If one shifter is good, then three must be better, right? Okay, maybe that wasn’t quite what was going on here. Call the Hurst Lightning Rods, a popular sight in a mid-’80s issue of Hot Rod, a road-going take on a Lenco transmission.

Word of the Day: Slapper Bars

Traction bars, slapper bars, whatever you call them, all the cool kids ran them.

Word of the Day: Cross-Fire Injection

Like Late Night with David Letterman, fuel injection was also fairly new in 1982.

Word of the Day: The Hire

A car chase featuring top talent, top action, top BMWs.

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