Lynk & Co | Rate It
Rate It: The Lynk & Co 03 Cyan Concept, the Fastest Front-Wheel-Drive Car to Lap the Nürburgring

What car has front-wheel-drive, 528 horsepower and the ability to lap the Nürburgring with a lap time of 7:20.143? If you said anything other than the Lynk & Co 03 ...

Project Rally Saab 99 | Magazine Series Part 1: Starting Work on Our Swanky Swede

A historic class Saab 99 seemed like the perfect mix of the fun, the wacky and the inexpensive. Back in the day, this was the chassis of choice for many ...

Video: Enjoy the Sweet Sounds of a 10,000 rpm VW Scirocco

Honda may be known for its high-revving engines, but they’re not the only game in town: According to the video description, this VW Scirocco’s 1.6-liter, naturally aspirated engine produces 254 horsepower ...

How to Build an Inexpensive, Quiet Exhaust That Doesn’t Cost Horsepower

Aftermarket exhaust systems are a great way to increase performance, but they can leave the neighbors plugging their ears and muttering. Here's how to find a good balance of performance, ...

Project MR2 Turbo: How to Find the Correct Wheel and Tire Combo for an Odd Fitment

Our 1991 Toyota MR2 needed new wheels and tires, but finding both with the correct fitment is notoriously difficult.

racing | Learning
10 Tips to Make You a Faster Driver | From Racing Coach Peter Krause

The learning curve for racing is fairly steep, so we made a list of 10 things that we think all racers wish they knew earlier in their racing careers.

wheels | Guide
In the October Issue | Wheel Buyer's Guide

Bored of your wheels? Time for something newer? Or something not so beat?

Your Projects | Mazda | Miata
Your Projects: Someone Is Actually Making a Miata Speedster of Their Own

Where some people would add a hardtop to their NA-chassis Miata, Forum user cafcwest would rather go without a roof entirely.

Toyota | Rate It | Sports 800 | Gas-Turbine
Rate It: Toyota's Hybrid, Gas-Turbine Sports Car

Chrysler may be best known for putting a gas turbine engine in a car, but Toyota also tried its hand at making one in the 1970s.

Project F-250: Hawk Brakes for Our Tow Vehicle

Learning from our mistakes from our previous Super Van, we knew it was time to upgrade the brakes on our Ford F-250 tow vehicle.

Video: Did a Cam and Chip Really Give Our VW Lemons Racer 25 More Horsepower?

After we added some go-fast bits from Techtonics Tuning to our Volkswagen Fox Lemons racer, we first went to the FIRM for a shakedown. Unfortunately, a faulty brake master cylinder cut that ...

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