Watch a valve spring work at 8500 rpm in slow motion | Video

What does a valve spring look like when it's operating at 8500 rpm? Thanks to the magic of slow motion, we can see that valve springs move around quite a …

Mazda | Miata | NB | Aerodynamics
Miata is the answer for this GM designer

Wind tunnel development? How about cardboard development instead?

Sponsored Content | wheels | König
Are wheels a wear item? Yes, they are.

Did you know wheels are a wear item? We talk to Scott Weiss, marketing director at König Wheels, in order to make sure a little problem doesn’t become a big …

Pontiac | Column | Catalina Safari
Column: It´s Hard To Say Goodbye (To a Car)

Saying goodbye to our cars is never easy, though actually selling it doesn't have to suck.

convertible | hardtop | sunroof
How do we feel about sunroofs?

The sunroof: a great way to let in some fresh air, or an unnecessary hole in a perfectly good car?

Wear Your Helmet to Work Day | #WearYourHelmetToWork
Wear Your Helmet to Work Day: an inspiring story takes top prize

Congratulations to our winner of our 2021 Wear Your Helmet To Work Day Presented by Stilo.

Mazda | rx-7 | FD | Data File
Buyer Guide: Third-Generation, FD-Chassis Mazda RX-7

The third-generation Mazda RX-7 was sold in the U.S. from 1993 to 1995 with one engine was available from the factory: the twin-turbocharged The 13B rotary engine.

Think an EV swap will make your car quieter? Not exactly. | Video

Yes, electric cars often run quieter than their ICE counterparts because they, you know, lack a gas- or diesel-powered engine. But, as SuperfastMatt (The same builder of that motorcycle-powered Honda S600) …

How to Plan a Trip to the Nürburgring

Visiting the legendary Nürburgring doesn't have to just be a dream.

Radwood | GRM+
Period correct tires for your rad-era car

Looking for tires that don't mess with your Radwood vibe? Look no further.

A whole car show dedicated to kit cars, replicas and fake supercars | Video

This car show has it all: Ferrari F40s, Porsche 356s and a number of Cobras–except they’re all fake. The National Kit Car Show in the village of Stoneleigh in Warwickshire, England, is …

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