Rate It | HCD8 | Hyundai
Rate It: The Supercharged, Front-Wheel-Drive Concept That Inspired the Hyundai Genesis Coupe

The Hyundai HCD-8 from 2004 may look a little like the Genesis Coupe introduced in 2009, but mechanically, the two are quite different.

Video: What Are Vortex Generators and How Do They Work?

You may have seen vortex generators before (you know, that row of uprights fins attached to the roof of cars like the Mitsubishi Evo), but you may not know what ...

Shop Work | metal | cutting | Tools
How to Choose the Right Tools for Cutting Metal

One way or another, you’re going to have to cut that metal to size. Here are the many different ways to do that—each with their own pluses and minuses.

tires | Tire Rack | 959 | Porshce
Today’s Big Deal: Buy a New Porsche 959-Spec Tire for Less Than $70!?

Normally $350 each, you can get a Bridgestone RE71 Denloc tire specially made for the Porsche 959 for only $68.22 from Tire Rack. The catch? A 2017 production date.

Endurance Racing
A Brief History of Street Stock Endurance Racing | 1985-2010

Professional street stock racing is all about staying in the game, while the scene itself has thrived for a quarter century despite a number of sanctioning body and sponsorship changes.

Video: A Semi Truck Is Also a Great Way To Go up To Pikes Peak

The Pikes Peak International Hillclimb may be known for the number of highly modified race machines vying to be the fastest up the iconic mountain, but few can say they ...

Nissan | Silvia
The Very First Nissan Silvia Was an Unsuccessful Hand-Built Sports Car

Despite not being a sales success, the original Nissan Silvia would go on to influence Nissan's sports cars for years to come.

Rate It | Audi | Quattro
Rate It: How Audi Celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Sport Quattro

The Audi Sport Quattro may have dominated rally and rallycross over 30 years ago, but Audi has only teased us with revival concepts like this one from 2013.

Video: See How Modern Cars Are Tested to Combat Corrosion

Rust—or “nature’s weight reduction,” some readers call it—is a problem for any vehicle, no matter what kind or how old it is. To ensure that a car has a fighting ...

camaro | Your Projects | stock car | ASA
Your Projects: Building a Camaro-Bodied Road Racer From a Late Model Stock Car

Although built for the oval track, jh36’s newly acquired late model stock car is already well on its way to being a well-equipped road racing machine.

#GRIDLIFE | NOLA Motorsports
Gridlife Heads To NOLA Motorsports Park This November

Gridlife returns to the south this November at the NOLA Motorsports Park just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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