A crash course in 3D printing | Making Stuff: Part 2

3D printers are more affordable and more accessible than ever. Here’s how to get started.

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How to dyno your anti-roll bars at home

How to accurately compare one anti-roll bar against another? Measure them.

How to make the move to an aftermarket ECU

When you’ve gone a bit custom, you might well benefit from a standalone ECU.

10 Must-Have Tools for a Scratch-Built Car

Building a car from scratch? A couple of specialized tools can make all the difference.

Fitting tires and wheels when an off-the-shelf option isn’t listed

Our MR2 needed new tires, but first we had a question to answer: How would we fit a modern setup under those now-vintage fenders?

How to make tires last longer? Heat cycling

Heat cycling: The secret to tires that go faster and last longer?

Understanding Metric Hardware

Here's what you need to know before using metric hardware on your racer.

25 tips to take your workspace from cavelike and cluttered to comfortable and clean

Here are a few simple things you can do to make your workspace less miserable to work in.

How to setup a chassis for track use | Pro tips from BimmerWorld's James Clay

Need help getting your setup ready for the track? One possible solution: Crib from the pros.

How to repack a sealed muffler

That muffler not sounding as pleasant as when you first bought it? Don' throw it out–repack it. Here's how.

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