6 driving fundamentals I wish I could explain to a younger me

Our own J.G. Pasterjak has been driving competitively for more than 30 years. If only he could go back and share that experience with his younger self, he notes.

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How to start TIG welding

Thanks to the abundance of inexpensive, easy-to-use machines, lots of enthusiasts operate a MIG welder. But how hard is it to make the jump to those beautiful TIG welds?

10 Common Suspension Problems and How to Cure Them

It doesn't matter how much you spent, your suspension can still steer you wrong. Here are 10 common suspension ills and how to correct them.

What is a technical drawing, and why do I need one to make precision parts? | Making Stuff: Part 1

Perform professional-level machining at home? You can do this. First step: drawing some plans.

Tracks visited once but sadly never again | Column

Ever drive a circuit that you may never get the chance to visit a second time?

How to Choose the Right Tools for Cutting Metal

One way or another, you’re going to have to cut that metal to size. Here are the many different ways to do that—each with their own pluses and minuses.

Is automotive bliss just a Porsche 911 away? | Column

When the base 997 Carrera is this good, do you really need an S or even a GT3?

13 Steps To Ensure You Don't Blow up Your Engine During Initial Start-Up

Starting up an engine for the first time can exhilarating, but not if something goes wrong. Here are some steps to make sure it goes right.

A 1983 Mazda GLC Race Car From the Glory Days of IMSA

For Geoff Koteles and his 1983 Mazda GLC race car, the key is "a preservation, not a restoration."

How to demystify data acquisition

Why do pro teams have all those people looking at laptops? Because diving into data often yields faster times on track.

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