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Fuel Tips: The Science of High Octane

We briefly discuss the science behind high octane fuels.

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Fuel Tips: Specific Gravity?

We discuss specific gravity and what it means.

Subaru , Volkswagen
Empire of Dirt: Year One of Americas Rallycross

Americas Rallycross is an all-new series, though the casual fan attending one of its races might not pick up on that.

25 Tips For Motorsports Enthusiasts

25 Nuggets of info gleaned from a lifetime spent playing with cars.

Chevrolet , Nissan
Tested: Mishimoto Carbon Fiber Baffled Oil Catch Can

Our LS1-swapped Nissan 350Z was just such an outside-the-box fitment, so Mishimoto sent us one of their new universal catch cans to review. We went into the experience thinking this ...

Return of the R

The Type R Badge Returns, This Time Attached to a Fortified Civic

Who Sings the Most About Cars?

Ever wonder who sings the most about cars? The Beatles? Bruce Springsteen? Eminem?

Fuel Tips: Narrowing Down The Choices

Every time you fuel your car is a choice of providers and blends, street and race gas. How can you choose between them all?

$2000 Challenge , Pontiac
Great Moments in Challenge History: Pontiac Firefly Turbo

How do you make a turbo car faster? Yep, more boost.

Stuck on You: 1992 Eagle Talon

Display GRM stickers and get in the magazine. It's just that easy.

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