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tires , suspension , Chassis , Handling
How to master chassis setup, from tires pressures to alignment

Looking for some additional speed? Take a look at your chassis setup.

GRM+ | Mazda | Pontiac
#TBT: Which was faster? NB Miata, NC Miata or Pontiac Solstice?

Back in 2006, we tested two of the newest options to hit the scene, the NC-chassis Mazda Miata and the Pontiac Solstice, to see which one is best for autocross.

Per Schroeder
Fabrication | Shop Work
What materials are best to fabricate something from scratch?

For many enthusiasts, a car is never just a car—it’s a four-wheeled heap of possibilities.

Staff Writer
GRM+ | aluminum | Welding | Shop Work
How to best join aluminum: Fasteners, brazing, soldering or welding?

What's the best way to join two pieces of aluminum? It often depends on the situation.

J.G. Pasterjak
GRM+ | BimmerWorld | clutch
Is your clutch pedal slowing you down?

Want to go 3-4 mph faster down the straights after installing a simple $20 part? BimmerWorld offers that advantage.

David S. Wallens
Tools | metal | Shop Work | cutting
How to choose the right tools for cutting metal

One way or another, you’re going to have to cut that metal to size. Here are the many different ways to do that—each with their own pluses and minuses.

Carl Heideman
GRM+ | Mazda | Turbo | supercharger | intercooler
How to add a used intercooler to a pre-owned turbo or supercharger

We fit a salvage yard supercharger on a 1992 Miata on the cheap. Here's how we used a few pre-owned parts to add an intercooler, too.

Carl Heideman
DIY | Welding | Fabrication | Chassis | Shop Work | Scratch-Built Solutions
Weld better in 11 easy steps

Here are a few tips for making sound welds–you know, the glue that keeps your project intact.

Carl Heideman
DIY | Fabrication | Chassis | Shop Work | Scratch-Built Solutions
Custom building your very own chassis from scratch

How to turn those two-dimensional sections into a full three-dimension chassis.

Carl Heideman
GRM+ | Shop Work | fasteners | Washers
How the right fastener can prevent hardware failure on track

Learn from our mistakes: Here are a few different types of locking nuts, washers, and threads specially designed to keep hardware tight, and how each type works.

J.G. Pasterjak
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