3D printing: What you need to know to get started

3D printers are more affordable and more accessible than ever. Here’s how to get started.

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Should you upgrade your clutch?

How well your car performs–and how nicely it drives–can often depend upon your clutch. Here's how to tell if it's time for an upgrade.

Sorting a project: The final step between good enough and perfect

While our nearly finished 2008 Honda Civic Si looked great, it still had some minor issues we needed to address during the sorting phase.

What you need to start CNC machining at home

CNC machining, once cutting-edge technology, can now be performed in your garage.

Caring for yourself as much as your project car

Like us, you probably put a lot of hours into the well-being of your car, but what about your own well-being?

#TBT | The epic tale of an ice resurfacer turned autocrosser

This $2000 Challenge entry met the rulebook approval by combining a Zamboni ice resurfacer with parts from a Mazda Miata and a Ford Mustang.

Have a sticker collection? We'd love to see it.

Who among us hasn’t attached something special to a sticker? Exactly: zero.

How to best join aluminum: Fasteners, brazing, soldering or welding?

What's the best way to join two pieces of aluminum? It often depends on the situation.

How to make the move to an aftermarket ECU

When you’ve gone a bit custom, you might well benefit from a standalone ECU.

25 tips to better enjoy motorsports

Here are 25 nuggets we've learned from a lifetime of playing with cars.

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