So You've Drilled Through Your Own Hand

Congratulations! You’ve joined the elite club of people who have drilled through their own hand while working on their car.

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Placing our virtual Nissan 350Z Inside a virtual wind tunnel | Against the wind: Part 2

Welcome to the future, where virtual aero testing happens in a virtual wind tunnel.

How to choose the right oil for your engine

Sure, the manual tells you what oil you need–but what if you've moved beyond stock?

Understanding Shock Absorbers, Dampers and Struts | Handling Basics

Whether they're called shocks, dampers or struts, these pieces are critical for performance.

When the Cannonball Rally went legit | The history of the One Lap of America

Supercars dominate today’s One Lap of America. Back in the early days–as this shot from 1985 shows–comfort might have mattered more.

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Comparing the MINI Cooper S, Mazdaspeed3 and Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V

Is the sport compact scene still relevant? Back in 2007, we compared three new market contenders, the MINI Cooper S, Mazdaspeed3 and Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V.

The 3500-mile contest that isn’t about the cars | One Lap of America

Time for a road trip of epic proportions: This year’s One Lap of America sent teams from the Great Lakes down to the Gulf of Mexico–and back.

How to pick the right gear ratio for your needs

There are lots of ways to adjust gearing.

All sports are the same: 4 tips for any sportsman

We share universal secrets to sports which are applicable from football to autocross and allow you to succeed.

2002-'06 MINI | Buyer's Guide

With BMW engineering, nimble handling and a properly small footprint, the MINI is a highlight among modern hot hatchbacks.

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