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9 tips for better MIG welding

An improper weld can endanger your car—or worse, your life. These tips will help ensure that your welds are strong, safe and beautiful.

Column: The Greener Future of Motorsports

Making racing better for the environment isn't easy, but we've already taken steps in the right direction.

Running in an IMSA race on a grassroots budget

How to run in the Michelin Pilot Challenge with a used RS3 TCR, a few friends, and a bit of determination.

How to correctly use a plasma cutter

Five tips on how to use that plasma cutter–and not make a complete mess of your project.

Miata is the answer for this GM designer

Wind tunnel development? How about cardboard development instead?

How to fabricate a custom exhaust header

Be it a limited aftermarket or just a desire to do it yourself, here is how you build an exhaust header from scratch.

Dirt, dust, fun | An introduction to rallycross

Who doesn’t enjoy playing in the mud? To turn up the fun, just add horsepower.

Everything you need to know about nuts and fasteners

15 questions about fasteners that every wrencher should be able to answer.

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