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Are you wasting money on premium fuel if your car doesn't need it? | Fuel Tips

Is buying premium fuel a waste if your car doesn't require it?

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91 vs. 93 | Fuel Tips

The western half of the country usually only have access to 91-octane fuel, while 93 octane is fairly common in the eastern half. An engine can be tuned to make …

Why not Methanol? | Fuel Tips

Running methanol as a fuel sounds great–even more performance potential at a lower price. But, first, some considerations.

Fuel Tips: Fuels for a Post-Apocalyptic World

It’s the end of the world as we know it. How are you going to power your post-apocalyptic death machine?

What's lead got to do with it? | Fuel Tips

Whatever happened to leaded fuels, and why are they still used in racing?

Fuel Tips: Winter Fuels for Wintertime

Winter’s here. If your car’s been sitting during the offseason, hopefully you fueled up with the right gas so that it happily fires up when asked.

Fuel Tips: Fueling Your Boosted Engine

Time to fill up your force-fed car? Time to discuss some E85 science with Zachary Santner, technical specialist with Sunoco Race Fuels.

How dirty fuel can lead to a dirty engine | Fuel Tips

Just because it's fresh out the pump, doesn't mean that fuel doesn't have contaminants in it.

Does all E85 fuel contain 85% ethanol? | Fuel Tips

Just how much is in that E85 at the pump?

Fuel Tips: What's Really in That Additive?

How do you know what’s really in those fuel additives at every auto parts store?

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