E46-chassis BMW M3 | Buyer's Guide

The third-generation BMW M3, known most commonly by its E46 chassis designation, feels at home on the road, the autocross course, or the track.

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Spec E46: Why you want to join this surging class

Spec E46 checks a lot of boxes: It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s fast. And you can probably race it at a track near you.

How BimmerWorld turned a BMW 335i into an M3-beating track car

Here is how to turn a BMW 335i into a track car capable of outrunning an M3.

Remixing a BMW 2002 With Nissan Turbo Power

Nissan turbo power amplifies the thrills in this BMW 2002.

Raiding the parts shelf to make the ultimate BMW Neue Klasse

Though it looks like a restrained, classy German sedan and its back-story is a fabrication, this unique BMW 1600 hides quite a bit of excitement behind those twin kidneys.

How BimmerWorld Turned a Wrecked BMW M3 Into an Effective Track Monster

James Clay, the owner of BimmerWorld, developed this E46-chassis BMW M3 as a test bed for new products. The goal: build a capable street and track car with a parts …

Microtransactions in cars: An imaginative look into the future

Is a heated seat subscription proof that yet another facet of our existence is being swallowed up by microtransactions? Or is it just the future equivalent of empty block-off plates?

Comparing the BMW 135i against the M3 and 335i

The 135i was brand new for 2008–but how did it compare to its M3 and 335i contemporaries?

Painting a Car at Home Part 3: Spraying Those Topcoats

A series of stories chronicling our adventure in painting a car at home. In part 1, we prepped. In part 2, we created a perfect, primed surface to paint on. …

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Troubleshooting 101: Basic steps when your car won't start

Sometimes a Simple, Methodical Approach Can Bring That Dead Car Back to Life.

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