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Back-to-back adversities can't slow this V6-powered Honda S2000

Swapping a Honda engine into a Honda 2000 is nothing new–but this one bypasses the ever-popular K-series for an Odyssey-spec V6.

SuperK: The quest to make the fastest Honda S2000

What does it take to make the fastest Honda S2000? How about a K-series engine and a DCT transmission?

J.A. Ackley
GRM+ | Acura , Fiat , Ford , Honda , Mazda , Mini , Toyota
Street Fight: A look back at the earlier days of SCCA Street Touring

What were the early days of SCCA Street Touring autocross like? We were there.

Andy Hollis
Advice to the wise: Always be mindful of safety

When we rolled over in a side-by-side at a press event, it reminded us that we shouldn't take our safety for granted.

David S. Wallens
GRM+ | Honda
#TBT: Turning a Honda CRX into a reliable, fun track car on a budget

Follow along as we turn this 1988 Honda CRX HF into a respectable track car and run it on a budget.

David S. Wallens
GRM+ | Honda , Jaguar , Porsche
#TBT: Can a minivan be as exciting to drive as a classic sports car?

Compared against the supercars of years past, even the most mundane vehicles of today–like the much-maligned minivan–offer surprising performance.

J.G. Pasterjak
Honda Civic and CRX: Really as reliable as we remember?

The GRM staff knows rad-era cars, as we’ve been driving them since they were new–like the Honda Civic and CRX.

David S. Wallens
Sorting a project: The final step between good enough and perfect

While our nearly finished 2008 Honda Civic Si looked great, it still had some minor issues we needed to address during the sorting phase.

Carl Heideman
GRM+ | Honda
#TBT: What makes the Honda CRX Si one of the best hot hatches

Once a common sight, the original CRX Si has become a modern classic. Buy yours now before there are none left.

Alan Cesar
GRM+ | Audi , Ford , Honda , Mercedes-Benz , Porsche , Volkswagen
#TBT | In autocrossing, sometimes different is really good

These 6 autocrossers ditched the usual suspects in favor of something a bit different.

David S. Wallens
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