Tech Tips: 2016+ Chevrolet Camaro SS

By Ed Higginbotham
Dec 6, 2017 | Chevrolet | Posted in Buyer's Guides | From the Dec. 2017 issue | Never miss an article

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Many people ask us for the best bang-for-the-buck bolt-on upgrade. We suggest long-tube headers, cold-air intake and a performance tune. However, we have to first explain to the consumer that the Gen 5 LT1 is a very efficient engine, so if you are looking for great improvements that you were used to from all previous inefficient small-blocks–yes, LS included–they are not going to be easily found.

Intake valve coking is a common issue. We suggest installing a good oil air separator plumbed into your PCV system to help prevent further buildup of intake valve deposits on direct injected engines. Previous GM small-blocks had some delivery of fuel that helped to remove deposits off of the intake valves and thus didn’t see valve coking or deposits on the intake valves. If you buy a pre-owned Camaro with the Gen V LT1 that traveled short distances, saw low engine speeds, and was not allowed to reach full engine operating temps, you may need to have the engine serviced with a “top engine cleaner” to remove these deposits.

Use good synthetic fluids and change them often if you are running at high rpm in hot weather. Pull samples and send them off for analysis until you understand what your service intervals need to be.

Look at the Gen 6 Camaros running in Trans-Am’s TA4 class. These cars use a lot of production pieces and bolt-ons and are very capable. The recipe is a cold-air intake, Chevrolet Performance strut tower brace and brakes, long-tube headers and sticky tires.

Before putting one on track, do a performance alignment and use the widest and stickiest tires that fit within the body structure. Depending on what brakes your Camaro came with, I would upgrade the front and possibly the rear brakes, but definitely the brake pads all the way around. See your Chevrolet Performance catalog for the brake upgrade possibilities for your specific vehicle. Then nut-and-bolt every suspension piece. Notice I didn’t say sway bars and shocks? Those will come later, possibly, but not until some of the basics are done and you have a baseline of how the car handles with the previously mentioned upgrades.

If looking for a Camaro, jump on a 2SS with 1LE Suspension Package and the Brembo six-piston calipers with 14.6-inch, two-piece rotors. If you find that car, click the “Buy It Now” price and apologize later!

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