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Factory Five Design Competition

Factory Five Racing gave entrants from around the world the opportunity to join the ranks of automotive artists like Giugiaro, Bertone, and Pininfarina with their Factory Five Design Competition.

On behalf of Grassroots Motorsports, Factory Five, SolidWorks, and HP Computers we would like to thank all the participants who submitted their designs to the contest. We had an overwhelming response from designers and enthusiasts from around the world, and we're proud to announce that our winners have been chosen.

1st: Nouphone Bansasi
Nouphone Bansasi

2nd: Rodney Olmos
Rodney Olmos

3rd: Xabier Albizu
Xabier Albizu

Most Original/Creative: Marc Senger
Marc Senger

GRM Editor's Choice: Anthony Samboer Marc Senger

HP Judge's Choice: David Phosavanh
SolidWorks Judge's Choice: Romain Farrands
Jeremy Luchini Judge's Choice: Mario Morra
Tim Suddard Judge's Choice: Mazayuki Kobayshi
Tom Salamone Judge's Choice: Dominic Agoro
Murray Pfaff Judge's Choice: Romain Farrands
Michael Lye Judge's Choice: Brendan Kennelly
Matt Humphries Judge's Choice: Colin Bonathan
Wayne Cherry Judge's Choice: Romain Farrands
Jim Schenck Judge's Choice: Jeff Teague Jesper Ingerslev Judge's Choice: Colin Bonathan

Check out the video to see some of these fantastic design entries-

See more images of the winning entries and the awards by clicking here to visit the Factory Five website.

About a year ago, the company began work on their all-new design. This new car is based on rugged Subaru WRX running gear and features a target weight of 1800 pounds. The two-seat, steel tube-framed car is well on its way in engineering and is slated for a public debut at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas on November 1, 2011.

Factory Five Racing is the world's largest manufacturer of component car kits. The company currently manufactures four distinct models: the Mk4 Roadster, which is a 1965 427 Cobra replica; the Type 65 Coupe, which is a replica of the 1965 Cobra Daytona Coupe: the ’33 Hot Rod, which is a modern-day interpretation of the classic ’33 Ford; and the GTM Supercar, a build-it-yourself, original-design GT racer. The company has sponsored a racing series for the last ten years, the Factory Five-NASA Challenge Series, which employs a race version of its Mk4 Roadster.

The Car:

Based on Subaru WRX running gear, Factory Five's next car has been in development for almost a year. With a space frame designed and tested on SolidWorks software, this single-donor car will sell for $9900. The company will use their 15 years of accumulated design and manufacturing skills to deliver a "world car" that can be COMPLETED for less than $15,000.

  • Single Donor Subaru WRX Running Gear
  • Factory Five Space Frame Chassis, 95-inch wheelbase
  • Mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive configuration
  • Target weight of 1800 pounds.
  • Two-seater roadster design (removable hard top may be added in concept drawings)
  • Panels made from gel-coated composite material, no paint required
  • Target kit price: $9900
  • Target vehicle completion cost: under $15,000

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