2015 Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge

Jul 17 at Alton, VA

Will You Be One of Our Fast 50?

Ultimate Track Car Challenge

With our annual no-holds-barred track competition, we aim to find the fastest machine on four wheels. The Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge presented by Grassroots Motorsports returns to Virginia International Raceway on July 17, 2015. Bring your raucous, flame-belching beast to the track and see if you can best the competition.

The rules are simple: All your car needs to do is pass a NASA safety inspection. Run any tire and any suspension type; add seven turbos, superchargers, displacement, spinning triangles; mount it to a production-based chassis or tube frame; use chromoly, carbon fiber, lexan—whatever your wrenching heart desires.

What do you win? Bragging rights. Wave your trophy of triumph in the air and watch 49 of your fellow trackmates quiver in fear of your awesome horsepower and incredible ability as a wheelman. There can be only one ultimate track car, and only one ultimate track car driver. It could be you.

Spectators pay a nominal fee to enter the facility and watch the action unfold.

How Does the Event Operate?

Ultimate Track Car Challenge

NASA Mid-Atlantic runs the on-track portion of the event, which operates like a normal NASA Time Trial, with everyone racing against the clock. The fastest time posted during the day will be the one scored.

We’ll again have two groups—faster cars in one and slower in the other. Each driver will get about 1.5 hours of track time that day.

All cars must pass a NASA Time Trial safety inspection.

All drivers must have a NASA Time Trial or road race competition license. If your current competition license is from another sanctioning body, you may be able to convert it to a NASA Time Trial or road race license with the approval of a NASA Mid-Atlantic Time Trial Director. Jon Felton will handle these matters on a case-by-case basis. If you are not licensed anywhere yet and are an advanced-level HPDE driver, contact your local NASA region to inquire about getting a Time Trial check ride at a local event prior to the UTCC.

All cars must wear the required windshield banner and stickers handed out by the GRM staff.

Instead of classes, awards will be handed out based on car type and specs. Yes, one car may be eligible for more than one award.

Want to participate? Entrants will be part of the Fast 50. To be considered, fill out the vehicle information form and email Rick Goolsby, with your plight: car details, photo, and your basic bio, including any racing licenses currently held. Basically, tell us why we should let you in. We’ll notify our Fast 50 two months prior to the event.

Once in the field, the entry fee is just $215.

For last year's results, go to the results page.


Ultimate Track Car Challenge

The track has a nominal gate fee of $10 but all are welcome. Camping is allowed as well. For the weekend it's $35 per tent or $50 per camper, however there are no hook-ups.

Also, if you're staying through the weekend, for only $50 you can participate in a mini HPDE called a Hyperdrive. You'll get to drive your own car for 20 minutes on VIR Full Course with professional in-car coaching.

Rides will be available as well with our seasoned instructors on Saturday and Sunday.

Should you like to try their hand at a full weekend of track driving at VIR, you can register for an award-winning NASA Mid Atlantic High Performance Driving Event (HPDE). Several hours of track time with professional coaching for less than $400.

Looking for more track time that weekend? NASA Mid-Atlantic will allow any UTCC driver to “double down” and pick up time in that weekend’s Test and Tune or Open Practice sessions. NASA will provide a $50 discount to anyone who chooses to do both so they’d get nearly 3.5 hours of track time for around $380—that’s about $1.80/minute of track time. And don’t forget, we’re talking about Virginia International Raceway.

Latest Updates

February 23: We are already getting a few entries for this year's event. We can only allow 50 entries on a first come, first served basis, so you may want to get your entries in as soon as possible.

January 23: We are pleased to welcome back Tire Rack, Continental Tire and Ford racing as partners for this year's Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge.

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Event Details:

Start: July 17, 2015, End: None
Alton VA
Region: midatlantic

Contact Info:

Rick Goolsby

Holly Hill, FL 32117

Affiliated Club:

NASA Mid-Atlantic



2015 Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge

July 17 Virginia International Raceway Alton, VA
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