Mental SuperDork
7/13/08 11:01 p.m.


GregTivo New Reader
7/14/08 7:21 a.m.

how much does a trailer like that weigh?

Mental SuperDork
7/14/08 10:59 a.m.

Total WAG, but I am gonna say around 1200 to 1500. I can move it a few feet by myself, but I bought one of the harbor freight pull dolly's to move it and it rolls pretty easy, as easy as my unladed Saab.

But I did find some other pertinant data:

AXLES - Tandem 3,500#, 1- electric brake

SUSPENSION - 4 leaf double eye springs

TIRES - ST205-75D-15 load range C bias

WHEELS - 5 bolt silver modular

FENDERS - 9 x 72 teardrop

COUPLER - 2” 7,000# Cast A-frame with treadplate

                         coupler patch

JACK - 2,000# setback topwind

STRUCTURAL - 5” channel frame & tongue

                       - 3 x 2 x 3/16 crossmembers (on 24”


TIE DOWNS - 12 stake pockets

                       - 2 x 2 square tubing bump rail

RAMPS - 2 x 2 square tubing, 54”x18”, rear slide-in ramps

LIGHTS - Standard tail lights

                       - Front marker lights

                       - 3-cluster lights with guard

                       - 6-way cable

FLOOR - 2” yellow pine

GregTivo New Reader
7/14/08 11:05 a.m.


With gas prices being what they are (and projections of what they might be), I'm trying to decide if maybe a 2000 Honda Odyssey will be my best bet for tow vehicle (rated for 3500 lbs).

Mental SuperDork
7/14/08 11:25 a.m.

Yes, an Odessy would pull something like this. ( and I get you are doing reaserch, not browsing) My buddy just used his to tow a 19 ft camper from here to Miller at Utah for the World Superbike Races. It did put a dent in his milage, but we were at 8K feet (Wyoming) and driving into a headwind. It was capable of keeping freeway speed even at that altitude and didn't have any issues. But freeway speeds were about the limit up hill (65 mph) The 06 Odessy I believe makes 220 hp, and the new one is supposed to be better. We got about 10-12 mpg on the trip there and 13-15 on the return. He normally gets 20 to 23

Where it gets concerned is what you put the trailer. When we halued that full size Chevy, we knew it was back there, and that was using another full size chevy. But my buddies 6 cylinder Trailerblazer really had no problems hauling his 67 Cougar.

Kramer New Reader
7/14/08 5:15 p.m.

I'd guess that this trailer weighs closer to 2,000 lbs. My old, junky 18' trailer weighed 2,100 with a steel deck (thin, and rusty).

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