RossD UltimaDork
5/12/16 3:21 p.m.

This is a non-running,600cc,2-cylinder project micro car that will need restoration. It can not be started,or driven as shown.

The car was bought new by a friend in Milwaukee in 1959.He lived in Carpentersville IL. The title was lost. No title. Showing 28K miles.

The engine,transmission,brakes,suspension,steering,are all there. All the glass looks good too. I never tried to get it running.

The rocker panels,bumpers,and around the wheel wells have rusted and will need repair or replacement panels,the floorboards are there,but thin and though in spots. All the exterior and interior panels look straight.

The chassis number is 40 15999 typ 40 prinz . I have the original jack w/ratchet handle,a spare wheel,some paper work,diagrams,maybe a book or two that will go along with the car.


Did you notice the german word for windshield wiper?: 'Drizzleflippen' and it looks like the defrost is 'Warmercougher'

That cracks me up!

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