gryffinwings None
8/6/10 5:46 p.m.

I am selling my 1980 Toyota Corolla Liftback. I have 3 cars and have to sell it. I hope I can find someone that will appreciate it. The engine has yet to be broken in (2 hours running time, 10 mile traveled), electric fan has not yet been calibrated due to need of gauge cluster that I am trying to obtain. Seats are in very good condition, have been reupholstered but some stitching has come undone. Interior needs dash cap to finish up interior. This TE72 is in running condition. All registration is up to date, the car is in non-op status until it gets smogged. This is a california registered car. Everything is currently in my name.

Location: San Diego, CA

Asking Price: $1200 obo

Phone Number: 619-888-2284

Here's the link to my build thread:

Model: Corolla Model Year: 1980 Chassis Code: TE72 Engine Code: 3T-C Engine Displacement: 1770cc Transmission Code: T50 Body Type: 3-Door Body Style: Liftback

Engine has been completely rebuilt. Here are the specs: --Weber DGES 38 (Outlaw) Electric Chock Kit (choke plates removed, easily obtained from holley 5200 series or weber 32/36 or 38/38 carbs) --Doug Thorley 4-2-1 Headers --Custom 2.25” Cat and Back Exhaust --Magnaflow Catalytic Converter --Magnaflow Muffler --Safety pistons oversized 85.5 mm --Hastings Piston Rings --Topline OE Style Conrods --Isky Racing Cam TH77 --EMPI High Rev Valve Springs (singles) --Home Depot/JB Weld DIY Plug kit --ACL Main Bearings (.010 over) --ACL Rod Bearings (.010 over) --ACL Cam Bearings (standard) --New Oil Pump --New Water Pump --New Timing Chain and gear kit --Very Slightly Used OE Radiator

Drivetrain: --Centerforce Clutch --Stock Flywheel --New Shifter bushings --EBay Black Shift knob with red numbers --Genuine Leather shifter boot

Interior: --Grant Steering wheel

Coolant System: --Hayden 10" electric fan --Hayden fan controller

Engine Parts Removed: --EGR Plumbing --Air Injection Pump --A/C Compressor --A/C Condenser --A/C Plumbing --A/C Mounting Brackets --Power Steering Pump and related plumbing (Reservoir on hand to install for manual steering conversion) --Clutch Fan

Suspension: --Front – KYB AGX (SW20 Inserts) --Rear – KYB AGX (Camaro) --Ground Control front conversion (400 lb) --Rear AE86 springs (Preload increased) --Front Moog Endlinks --Front Strut Bar

Brakes: --New Calipers --New Disc --New Brake lines --Hawk HPS Pads (front) --Stock Rear Drums (New Wheel Cylinders installed)

Wheels: --14” x 6” Speedlite (?) Wheels (Gunmetal)

Tires: --BFGoodrich Traction T/A HR 195/60R14 (barely used)

Parts selling with car: --2TC long block in need of rebuild --3T-C Valve Cover --AE86 OEM Springs --Prothane Rear Bushing Set with Upper Links --AE86 GT-S gauge cluster --Alpine 7162 Radio/Cassette Deck --Adjustable Rear Lateral Bar (panhard) --2002 Yamaha R6 YZF Fuel pump --Universal Throttle Cable --Intake manifold for 93 Honda CBR 900RR carbs --JDM AE86 Steering Wheel --OEM TE72 Steering wheel --Front Valence

Marty! Dork
8/6/10 7:24 p.m.

Man if you weren't 2000 miles away I would be all over this. This thing should sell quick!

Hotlinked for hawtness!

Kia_racer HalfDork
8/6/10 7:44 p.m.

I love these. I want and need this but you are too far away.

gryffinwings New Reader
8/6/10 7:47 p.m.

Man I'm hoping this sells quick, there isn't much it needs to get on the road, and it has so much going for it. I sure hope it sells soon, I have an 2nd gen RX7 that I'm trying to work on and could use the funds.

Thanks for the replies so far.

irish44j HalfDork
8/8/10 7:05 p.m.

all the good cars are in Cali. Damn.

gryffinwings New Reader
8/9/10 10:11 p.m.

In reply to irish44j:

I 'm wondering why there are no buyers in Cali.

BoxheadTim GRM+ Memberand Dork
8/9/10 10:17 p.m.

The funny thing is, those of use looking for cars in/near Cali find that all good cars are on the East Coast.

Lovely car, good luck with the sale!

gryffinwings New Reader
8/10/10 6:33 p.m.

In reply to BoxheadTim:

Yeah well here's hoping, no definite buyers right now.

fast_eddie_72 New Reader
8/10/10 10:04 p.m.
irish44j wrote: all the good cars are in Cali. Damn.

Ain't it the truth. Took it for granted when I lived there. Didn't take it for granted when I was driving from Colorado to LA to get a crappy, beat up, 25 year old car on a salvage title.

gryffinwings New Reader
8/13/10 2:07 p.m.

Still for sale.

gryffinwings New Reader
8/13/10 3:18 p.m.

New pictures added

gryffinwings New Reader
8/14/10 7:56 p.m.

Well so far, not takers which sucks. If anyone knows someone that wants this, let me know.

92dxman HalfDork
8/15/10 4:01 p.m.

I'd love to drag home an old school 'rolla but have no room

gryffinwings New Reader
8/16/10 4:46 p.m.

This is problem, either everyone is too far away or has no room... Right now I am thinking to possibly make a trade if anyone is interested. I'd be interested in 2nd Gen RX7 parts or a Toyota Truck.

gryffinwings New Reader
8/19/10 7:14 a.m.


gryffinwings New Reader
8/21/10 6:09 p.m.


6/19/13 5:02 a.m.

Is it still for sale

spitfirebill UberDork
6/19/13 7:42 a.m.

I doubt it.

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