desob None
11/6/14 10:12 p.m.

Keep hoping this will go to a good home but nobody wants the M10 motor cars or sedans either.

irish44j PowerDork
11/11/14 4:59 p.m.

looks a lot like mine did (also an 85 4-door), in terms of condition. I paid $1k for mine (incluidng a set of Euroweaves in the trunk). I sold the M10 drivetrain out of it for $300ish to a chumpcar team that runs 2002s (I've since sold them two more M10s).

85 318i is (IIRC) the lightest e30 ever built. Small case diff, no sound deadening to speak of. Good for a starter project for a track car or swap.

That said, probably worth $1k or so

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